“To be or not to be: Shakespeare & Holinshed’s Chronicles”
August to November 2019



Presented by The University of Melbourne (Grimwade Centre, Faculty of Arts) and co-hosted with Humanities 21, this exciting and informative program will comprise a series of lectures, performance and immersive interaction with this historically and culturally significant text.  The Chronicles is an important resource in Shakespearean and Elizabethan studies. The University of Melbourne’s volume has the potential to contribute to an understanding of British history, book production and woodblock illustration.

Commencing in mid-August, the public program will allow for an enriching experience for both the student, academic and the wider public. Our third event is scheduled for 20th November. Click here for more details.




Helping clients think laterally and plan strategically.



H21 Corporate Lecture Series is a talks program for innovative corporations, aimed at developing perceptive and creative team members by helping them to think laterally and plan strategically. It exposes staff to unusual situations and ideas through a historical and philosophical lens, encouraging them to think through questions for which there are no clear answers. Read more