Our school programs are designed to promote creative problem-solving, imagination, and critical thinking in young minds. These competitions encourage students to approach the humanities from different angles, and to explore subjects in which they have a passionate interest. We reward our winning students with cash prizes and public speaking opportunities.

To sign up for Humanities 21 School Programs, please complete the following form.

  • Terms and conditions of entering Humanities 21 school programs – please read.

    Please be aware that winning students will be required to have an adult present at prize ceremonies. Please check the details of each competition for the date you will be required to attend a Humanities 21 event, if you are successful in winning a competition. Attendance at the relevant event is mandatory for competition winners.

    Winning students will receive $150 cash and a certificate addressed to the principal of their school. Their work will also be published on the Humanities 21 website.

    Students are to submit their own original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, nor will inappropriate or offensive content.

    Humanities 21 reserves the right to use all work submitted for promotional purposes, in promotions directly related to Humanities 21’s mission and vision.

    Entry into Humanities 21 school programs means you agree to being photographed at Humanities 21 events and your photograph may be published on the Humanities 21 website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or Instagram account.

    If you have any questions, contact our General Manager Maeve at [email protected] or on 0417 464 001.