Creating Space for Relevant Debate is a series run in partnership with the Melbourne Museum. Representing the Holocaust is the second in this bimonthly series.  In these events we bring together expert speakers on a range of important topics, both local and global. Aristotle said the marker of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it, and the purpose of this series is to create a space in which important issues can be explored from all angles. In doing so, we hope to encourage Melburnians to engage with one another respectfully in discussing the big issues that affect our community.



Join the conversation with a panel of expert thinkers as they engage in a critical debate surrounding representations of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is widely represented in popular media as well as in traditionally ‘historical’ contexts, such as museums and archival spaces. This discussion will explore why it is that in a period marked by a decline in the number of living survivors there has been widespread proliferation of historical and artistic representations documenting the experiences of survivors.




Wednesday 29 August, 6.30-8pm

Museum Theatre, Melbourne Museum

11 Nicholson Street, Carlton



Speakers include Cultural and memory studies specialist Noah Shenker, Holocaust historian Daniella Doron, and Curator of the Jewish Holocaust Centre, Jayne Josem. Moderated by Humanities 21 Committee Member Jeff Richardson.



$25 Full price

$22 Concession

$20 Humanities 21 members and Melbourne Museum members



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