A Humanities 21 member is an excellent thing to be – it offers you the chance to be part of the solution to preserve the humanities as a valuable discipline in today’s world.

Member discounts:

  • 15% DISCOUNT on subscription to online news portal, Crikey – independent journalism that “reveals how the powerful operate behind the scenes, and it tackles the stories insiders are talking about but other media can’t or won’t cover.”
  • 50% DISCOUNT on print or renewal subscription to New York based journal, Lapham’s Quarterly, whose mantra is “history is the root of all education” and brings together the best writing from across the century to provide the advice and counsel of the past. Themes include war, religion, money, medicine, nature, and crime.
  • Get discounts to events & short courses around town, including 10% DISCOUNT to Melbourne University Faculty of Arts Masterclasses and La Trobe In the City short courses on the ancient world, and discounts at the Melbourne Writers Festival
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from Readings Books
  • Discounts on tickets to all Humanities 21 events

Other member services:

  • Be part of our Humanities-enthusiast online community allowing members-only access:
    • Internship & mentoring opportunities for students, including networking events with corporates.
    • Book Club Forum where you can discuss books or chapters with academics, authors, poets, graduates, students and more. [Coming soon]
    • Academic Referral Service to add value to your business meeting or enhance the experience of your book group with experts across a range of subjects.

    And this won’t be all when it comes to discounts! We’re currently in negotiations with other organisations aiming to bring you more goodies.