Melbourne Knowledge Week is an annual initiative by the City of Melbourne, designed to explore the big challenges facing our community. An education in the humanities helps people to combat these challenges, since their creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills make them able to adapt to our rapidly-changing world.


THIS YEAR’S EVENT – How can we avoid a dystopian future?

Friday 11 May, 5.30-7pm

The Meat Market (flat floor pavilion) 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

Missed this event? No worries – you can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

For Melbourne Knowledge Week this year, we’ll explore one of the big questions facing our community, ‘how can we avoid a dystopian future?’

Dystopian fiction has surged in popularity over the past decade, and behind that popularity lie anxieties about our real-life future. Our expert panel will explore how we can ensure we don’t end up living out our science-fiction fears.



LAST YEAR’S EVENT – AI and the future of work

In 2017, Humanities 21’s MKW event ‘AI and the future of work’ sold-out the Melbourne Museum’s Museum Theatre. To view the recording of last year’s MKW event, click HERE.  Please note, the event begins 17 minutes into the video.