History’s Page is a poetry competition that focuses on a particular historical period or event, which changes each year. This competition is open to Year 8 -10 students, who are invited to submit a poem inspired by the event or period in question. Materials to draw from will be provided by Humanities 21, and one winner will be selected.


The Competition

Students are asked to submit a poem on the subject of the 1914 Christmas Truce, drawing inspiration from one or both of the following works:

  • Ian McMillan’s ‘The Game: Christmas Day 1914’ (Link to poem HERE)
  • Mike Harding’s song ‘Christmas Eve 1914’ (Link to song HERE)

Poems must not exceed 500 words.


Who Can Enter?

This competition will open to Year 8-10 students, and one winner will be selected.


The Prize

The winning student will receive a $150 cash prize and a public speaking opportunity.  They will present their work at the Humanities 21 Christmas Cocktail Party, to be held on the evening of Thursday 6 December.  Students will require a guardian or parent to be present at the cocktail party.


How to Enter

Entries can be submitted via email at [email protected]

In the subject of your email please state the name of the competition you are entering.

In the body of your email please include your full name, year level, school, and word count of your poem. Documents should be attached in PDF or Word format.

Entries open on Friday 5 October and must be submitted by Friday 2 November.

Winners will be announced on Friday 23 November.


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