Humanities 21 is pleased to be working with Creative Partnerships Australia (previously AbaF) to enable our supporters to make tax deductible donations through the Australian Cultural Fund.

The Australian Cultural Fund, operated by Creative Partnerships Australia, was established to encourage people to donate to the arts and enable not-for-profit groups like Humanities 21 to benefit from this generosity. All donations are made to Creative Partnerships Australia which considers donor preferences when allocating grants. In the past ten years more than $11 million has been donated to Creative Partnerships Australia and granted in full to more than 700 artists and cultural organisations – it is a great program for groups like ours.

Creative Partnerships Australia will provide you with a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE receipt.


With your support we will raise awareness on the importance of the humanities to both business and society, protect humanities departments and keep the world interesting.

Your donation is much appreciated. It can be general or targeted to our key projects:

  1. Developing and promoting public events
  2. Student programs including mentoring and internships
  3. Communications and advocacy

If you would like to choose where funds are allocated, please email us at [email protected].


Donate online to Humanities 21 through the Australian Cultural Fund.


‘The sciences are the how, and the humanities are the why’ – George Lucas, 2013