I am Gabriel, son of Vitali, known to the world for playing music – my fame has reached  the top of the sky to the bottom of hell. Rainy Melbourne is my home


Luck of the draw: I got the very ones I would’ve picked myself, four good men, and I in the lead made 5

I remembered when they had joined my loyal crew,

willingly indeed, for the lives they had lived was dull,

they were not contented. So I, Odysseus, the man of twists and turns saved those four men,

Aegon, Dromeus, Kreon, Gallus, from their impending doom.

Dromeus and Kreon being the best of brothers,

Aegon and Gallus being the best of friends.

They came from the same glorious place I did, sunny Ithaca.


It was the battle of Troy; my crew of 50 men.

had docked our vast fleet of ships on the sandy banks of Troy,

There, staring us right in the face the Kingdom of Troy.

They knew we were coming; arrows rained upon us, our fallen men

Littering the narrow streets, flowing with blood.

“Onwards!” I charged, remembering the looks on the faces of my fallen men.

We made a break to the glistering gold center, where Queen Helen of Sparta was undoubtedly being held.

We busted down the door, few of us remaining, killing all those who opposed us.

we, painted the walls and floors with the blood of those willing to steal from glorious Sparta. We headed down a long winding staircase we thought led to hell.

Indeed it did, entering a fiery chamber with hellish cobblestone walls, there, in the center of this abyss, a cage, made of indestructible titanium; forged by the legendary blacksmiths of Delphi. Inside this deathly cage lay Helen, chained from limb to limb.

My heart and strength became one, against the vastly constructed legions of Troy, when suddenly there was a roar of footsteps echoing from the stairs.

Four Trojans appeared, loyal till the end. They ran us down, like a pack of wild dogs, but the mighty men from Ithaca never gave up. We fought till the very end, severed limbs and heads lay on the floor. Queen Helen was free, free of the foul prison that held her against her will.

A glorious victory, the four courageous men, Aegon, Dromeus, Kreon, Gallus, at my side, ready for the journey that lay ahead. We turned, ready to fight the mighty Cyclops together.


Nightfall brought him back, herding his woolly sheep and he quickly drove the sleek flock into the vaulted cavern, rams and all – none left outside in the walled yard


Gabriel Gilouzberg was the winner of the 2018 Where’s Homer? Competition. To find our how you or your school can be involved in our competitions see School Programs.