Creating Space for Relevant Debate is a series run in partnership with the Melbourne Museum. Is Corporate Social Responsibility just a PR too? is the second in this bimonthly series.  In these events we bring together expert speakers on a range of important topics, both local and global. Aristotle said the marker of an educated mind is the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it, and the purpose of this series is to create a space in which important issues can be explored from all angles. In doing so, we hope to encourage Melburnians to engage with one another respectfully in discussing the big issues that affect our community.



Do corporations really care about the environment and our community, or is their corporate social responsibility department just an image machine?

Historical figures, including Cicero and Petrarch, wrote about leaving a legacy for humanity to remember – but what is the legacy left by corporate behemoths?

Join leading thinkers as they discuss how sustainable business models work – in theory, and in practice. Debating this topic, we’ll tease out the real motivations behind corporate social responsibility, and find out – do corporations care? Or do they just want to look likethey care?



Wednesday 31 October, 6.30-8pm

Museum Theatre, Melbourne Museum

11 Nicholson Street, Carlton



Full price $25

Members $20



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