Talks within the Humanities 21 Corporate Lecture Series expose staff to unusual situations and ideas which encourage them to think through questions for which there are no clear answers. This kind of critical thinking helps to develop perceptive and creative individuals, able to think laterally and plan strategically. These skills can be applied to many kinds of work and are becoming more valuable as job requirements change rapidly. Click here to view the full program.


Dr Matthew Laing speaking on ‘President Trump, Populism and the West’ at Ashurst Australia. 

Feedback from Ashurst: Humanities 21 has provided us with a broad range of speakers for lunchtime talks. We invite staff from all corners of our firm on a purely voluntary basis, and the talks have been very well attended and received at all levels. Our people often ask when the next one will be held. Humanities 21 talks break down barriers, stimulate discussion, encourage broad thinking, and are a welcome change to our usual narrow diet. The speakers are skilled at talking engagingly about their subjects to a diverse group of lay people.’ – Partner, Ashurst Australia.

Dr Holly-Lawford Smith speaking on ‘Taking Action on Climate Change’ at the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

Feedback from PEXA: ‘PEXA’s lunchtime sessions with Humanities 21 have been critical to helping our employees think and reflect about things other than our day-to-day work.  It’s fantastic hearing from academics who are highly eminent in their field; you get to hear from real experts!’ – Chief Executive, Property Exchange Australia.