Humanities 21 was set up 5 years ago to connect academics from history, literature, philosophy and related disciplines with the business community. The Corporate Lecture Series includes a number of talks, divided into six important themes for contemporary business practices. They are: Leadership, Managing Change, Asia, Australia, Innovation and Learning, and Crisis Management.


Dr Matthew Laing speaking on ‘President Trump, Populism and the West’ at Ashurst Australia. 

Feedback from Ashurst: Humanities 21 has provided us with a broad range of speakers for lunchtime talks. We invite staff from all corners of our firm on a purely voluntary basis, and the talks have been very well attended and received at all levels. Our people often ask when the next one will be held. Humanities 21 talks break down barriers, stimulate discussion, encourage broad thinking, and are a welcome change to our usual narrow diet. The speakers are skilled at talking engagingly about their subjects to a diverse group of lay people.’ – Partner, Ashurst Australia.

Dr Holly-Lawford Smith speaking on ‘Taking Action on Climate Change’ at the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA).

Feedback from PEXA: ‘PEXA’s lunchtime sessions with Humanities 21 have been critical to helping our employees think and reflect about things other than our day-to-day work.  It’s fantastic hearing from academics who are highly eminent in their field; you get to hear from real experts!’ – Chief Executive, Property Exchange Australia.

For a list of our topics and speakers, contact our General Manager Maeve, on [email protected] or 0417 464 001.


Feedback from other clients:

‘The Humanities 21 speakers are true experts in their fields. Tapping into this expertise on a topic outside the ordinary realms of business is intellectually invigorating.  For a firm full of curious people, Humanities 21 talks are like a theme park full of unexpected thrills.’Management Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group.

‘Humanities 21’s professional series engrosses audiences, providing fresh insight into contemporary business issues.’ – Director, Sterling Equity.

‘It gave me a great insight into the French Revolution and the correlations between historic events and current corporate life.’Solicitor, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

‘As a client-driven firm, it is critical to Corrs that our lawyers have a broad perspective and are well-rounded people.  We have worked with Humanities 21 for a number of years and our lawyers value the opportunity to learn about topics and areas that provide them with current or historical context, and extend their views beyond their areas of specialised practice.’ – Partner and CEO, Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

‘We always try to encourage our staff to think differently and to bring different experiences that bear on client problems. Humanities 21 talks are a great way to help them do that.’ – Senior Vice President, The Boston Consulting Group.