Tina Hasiotis portraitEducation Background:
Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics), Adelaide University; Graduate Diploma in Journalism, University of South Australia; Graduate Diploma in Editing and Communications, University of Melbourne.

Current/Notable Positions: 
Digital Content Writer, Call Journey; Content Writer, Graduate Union (University of Melbourne); Freelance Writer, HM Group.

Career Highlight:
I was a writer at DB Magazine for a while. It was a big deal for me because I always had wanted to be an arts writer and there I was! Another highlight was when I published my first magazine in Adelaide. I stocked it at a local zine shop and it sold out in the first day.

What was your first job?
My first job was in a newly-opened IGA opposite Royal Adelaide Hospital. I couldn’t stand it! Every time I heard that ‘beep’ from the scanner I would get really unnecessarily angry. On the plus side, it motivated me to really work hard towards getting a job I did enjoy.

How have the humanities helped you in your career?
Although my Arts degree was general, I learned about so many different ways of thinking, and how each discipline sees the world. Studying linguistics showed me that behind every word is a whole world. This has helped in my career because as a writer, for a mostly general audience, it is my job to ensure that everyone can understand what they read in an article. Journalism isn’t about trying to be complex and fancy, it’s about sharing easily-digestible and important information so people can be better informed.

Why do you think the humanities matter today?
The humanities play a vital role in ensuring that we explore different ways of thinking, reading and writing. If we focus too much on one discipline and eschew others, we are selling ourselves short. The humanities can inform so many other disciplines, and help you develop a deeper sense for understanding the world around you. Everything is philosophy, language is everywhere, and history, well…!

What are you reading now?
Kafka on the Shore by the wonderful Haruki Murakami.

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