jacklacyUniversity degree(s)/institution:
Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University.

Career (last few ‘corporate’ roles/organisations, or your main or favourite): 
Cadet at Warragul Citizen (current), intern at Star News & Monash Online.

Career Highlight:
Beginning my first job as a journalist with the Warragul Citizen, a community newspaper. As a cadet, I write news and feature stories about issues and events, occurring within the Gippsland region. On a regular basis, I interview a wide range of people from politicians and councillors to notable members of the community.

What was your first job?
I have had many part-time jobs; name a role and I have most likely done it. My first part-time job was when I was thirteen at the Camberwell market Deli. I only lasted nine months because my maths was atrocious. My first experience working as a journalist was interning for the Star News Group at their Healesville publication. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot over the short amount of time I was there.

How have the humanities helped you in your career?
My field of choice is one of the most prominent professions that is spawned from the humanities, which have helped me think critically and logically about the information I receive and the views of my interviewees. There is more than one side to every story and evidence from all sides has to be weighed evenly in order to remain objective and report the events as they transpire. Studying the humanities has also helped me improve my communication skills, which I rely upon every time I work.

Why do you think the humanities matter today?
I think studying the humanities encourages a discussion of philosophers and ideas that are important to our understanding of society and life as we know it. The humanities helps us understand the world on a deeper level rather than just scratching the surface. Rather than accepting everything that we hear at face value, studying the humanities encourages us to not blindly accept people’s claims and instead formulate an opinion for ourselves.

What are you reading now?
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. I was inspired to begin reading the novel after visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

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