University degree(s)/institution:

Bachelor of Arts (English Literature and Theatre Studies/Ancient World Studies), University of Melbourne.
Master of Publishing and Communications, University of Melbourne.

Career (last few ‘corporate’ roles/organisations, or your main or favourite): 

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Hachette Australia Books

Career Highlight:

Coordinating a Twitter campaign called ‘Where I Write’, where our authors would upload videos of their writing space to Persicope (a live streaming platform) every day for two weeks. This meant working with fourteen different authors to create content for fourteen days. I also created the promotional material of this campaign on Twitter and the Hachette Australia website, and liaised with authors to ensure that their videos were uploaded to the Where I Write YouTube channel and website in a timely manner. These videos are currently online and circulating on the Hachette Austalia Twitter account and on our authors personal social media channels.

What was your first job?
Prior to working for Hachette, I was an Administrative Assistant in an accounting practice called Watson & Co.

How have the humanities helped you in your career?
Prior to my Masters degree, I studied a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in English Literature and Theatre Studies and a minor in Ancient World Studies. Without a firm grounding in the English language and literature, I would not be able to fully understand and perform my role in a publishing house such as Hachette Australia Books. It is especially important to have a strong foundation in English language and literature, because as the Digital Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for the company social media channels and therefore the public image of the company.

Why do you think the humanities matter today?
Humanities are integral for understanding what the world has to offer, how humanity functions as a society and as a whole. Without the opportunity to study literature and history, I would not have developed the skills I needed in my current role at Hachette Australia Books, or continued my own personal creative interests. I think that the humanities are important, not only to make a living in a chosen career, but also in life as a whole. I think that everyone, no matter where their interests or academic strengths are, should have an interest and respect for the humanities.

What are you reading now?
Asking For It, Louise O’Neill. It’s a compelling social commentary on rape culture in modern society from the victim’s perspective. I think it’s a very important book that teaches greater knowledge of a relevant topic that not many people may have direct experience with.

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