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  1. Nick Says Reply

    Thanks Steven,
    It was an excellent lecture. I particularly liked the slide on dialectics.

    • Steven Curry Says Reply

      Thanks Nick. I’m glad you enjoyed my brief foray into some heavy-duty philosophising.
      The discussion of this topic was of necessity very brief. Unfortunately it can be hard for the uninitiated to learn more, because on-line searches will throw up a lot of ill-informed rubbish arising from dialectics’ historical association with Marxism (mostly generated by right-wing conspiracy theorists). Meanwhile more academic discussions of dialectics tend to be highly-specialised and impenetrable.
      Ultimately the conception of dialectics I use is derived from Socrates by way of Aristotle’s logic. One way to understand how dialectics might work to inform an “ethics of dialogue” can be seen in ideas developed by my old friend Stan van Hooft (now professor emeritus of philosophy at Deakin University). For many years he has been a leading exponent of “modern Socratic dialogue” as a method for helping people in various settings develop their own views on ethical issues. Just today I was finally able to dig up an old version of a paper he gave in various places (including the staff seminar I used to run at Melbourne Uni) describing his approach, which I thought you might find interesting.

  2. Ashleigh Fleming Says Reply

    Thanks very much, really enjoyed connecting with other professionals, and exploring the concept of Myths and Synthesis in the context of an organisation. Look forward to the next session, and keen to do after lecture drinks nearby.

  3. Steven Curry Says Reply

    I had a great time at the event, and am looking forward to the discussion.

  4. Alice Richardson Says Reply

    Hi everyone, welcome to the discussion page! Please post any questions, comments or afterthoughts you’ve had in relation to Steven’s talk, and he will be available for a response.

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