Dominic Solly smallUniversity degree(s):
BA and MA, Classics, Oxford University; MA, School of Education, New York University.

Career/career highlight:
Merchant/investment banker in London and New York (1976-1995); Teacher of English as a Second Language, New York City High School (1996-2005); Teacher of Latin, Long Island High School (2005-2013).

What was the greatest thing that the humanities taught you?
Clarity of thought and attention to detail. The importance of being able to write clear English in order to present a cogent argument.

What was your first job?
Merchant (investment) banker at Kleinwort, Benson Ltd., London.

How have the humanities helped you in your career today?
They gave me the ability to analyse a situation in investment banking in depth (eg an M. & A. transaction), carry out the necessary research, arrive at recommendations and present them to my client. I now encourage my students to look beyond the minutiae of their exams and to become citizens of the world.

What are you reading now?
Iliad Book XXII, the death of Hector, in Greek.

Why do you think the humanities matter today?
Reading and studying some of the world’s greatest enables one to escape the parochial and short-term mindset that bedevils today’s world.