Need something interesting to chat about at a dinner party? Do you struggle with small talk? Well, fear not! Humanities 21 is all about being interesting, and the following facts are fascinating.

Interesting Dinner Party Fact # 432 – Jane Austen was the first writer to use the phrase “dinner party”! (in Mansfield Park, Chapter 41).

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #281 – Oscar Wilde’s last words were “my wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has got to go!”

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #328 – The Spanish influenza actually started in Kansas, USA. The Spanish received the pandemic quite late.

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #356 – Today (22/03) in 1371, Robert II ascended to the throne in Scotland and started the Stuart Dynasty.

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #162 – Jonathon Swift is the first recorded use of the phrase “it will rain cats and dogs” back in 1738!

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #405 – Before writing the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Arthur Conan Doyle drove a hansom cab.

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #682 – Did you know there is a Charles Dickens Tavern in Melbourne, complete with a Pickwick room?

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #203 – Napoleon crossed the Alps on what? Not on a white stallion as depicted in David’s painting… but on a donkey!

Interesting Dinner Party Fact #126 – The world’s population of black swans comes entirely from Australia and New Zealand! Europeans first saw them in 1697, and Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, imported some to France.


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